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Best Executive Coaching provider from Chennai

iCorporateTrainings.com provides Executive Coaching & training programs across India.  Our Executive Coaching programs are designed using some advanced concepts by experts in the field. Our coaches and trainers have real time experience working for worlds large organizations and MNCs, coaching and training people at all levels.  Some are still working in MNC in executive positions, some as Chief Executives and some as Mentors,Trainers and Coaches.  They will be available for training whenever it is scheduled. Our minimum experience of trainers is 10 years.  We have designed our Emotional Intelligence course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve the best congruence in his team.  We provide customized syllabus also based on your requirements.

icorporatetrainigns.com from Chennai offers Emotional Intelligence training with choice of multiple training locations across India like Chennai,Coimbatore,Bangalore,Mysore,Hyderabad,Mumbai,Delhi,Gujarat and in countries like Singapore,Malaysia,Gulf countries,USA and Thailand. We also provide faculty driven webinar based online training.

Our coaching uses certain advanced methods based on the rich experience repository and certain Psychological Analysis.

Our executive coach/trainer Profile

Our Executive Coach/Trainers

  • More than 10 Years of Experience
  • Worked for worlds Largest clients
  • Worked/working in MNC in Chennai as CEO/VP/Senior VP
  • Some are Running their own Organization
  • Strong Expertise and experience
  • Premium Trainers
  • Strong in Communication
  • Provides training based on case study
  • Knowledge of Psychology
  • Coached and train lots of entrepreneurs and executives
  • Certified in tools based on psychology (like NLP,Emotional Intelligence, Disc,etc)
  • Managing bigger teams.

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