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High Profile Image 360 Degree Program

Image 360 – A special type of coaching to change their external image and internal image and achieve all round success around them. It helps to have a personal brand for themselves and create a special aura around them. This program involves a mix of Dr. Richard Bandler&John Grinder’s NLP and Judith Rasband’s Image Management Skills.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Image Management
  • Introduction to NLP
  • Projecting the Self
  • Image Classification
    • Internal Image
    • External Image
  • Attitude
  • Know your Personality
  • Thinking Pattern
  • Dressing For success
  • Grooming Fundamentals
  • Personality Types as per Judith Rasband
  • Improving the communication skills
  • Body Language
  • Vocal Communication
  • Improving the Internal Communication
  • Enhancing Confidence
  • Working with Internal Conflicts
  • Working with Mindsets
  • Harmonious communication
  • Interpersonal Communications

Who can do this program?

Anybody who is interested to enhance their quality of life and enhance their communication can do this program.

As we know the “Quality of your communication affects your quality of your Life”.

Here communication can be categorized into two viz. internal and external. If you cannot resolve both, you cannot have a better quality of life. To resolve the internal quality of communication, NLP can be applied. Same way, to resolve the external communication, Judith Rasband’s Image Management Concepts can be applied.

To know what is NLP visit What is NLP?

To know what is Image Management Visit What is Image Management?

About the Trainer:

The Trainer’s Certified Image Consultant by Image Consulting Business Institute & Concelle (World’s Certifying Body for Image Management) and NLP Master Practitioner certified by Dr. Richard Bandler (Co-founder of NLP)

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