Training of Microservices

About Course

Microservices Architecture is one of the methods for implementing a service-oriented architecture. Edureka’s Microservices Architecture training helps you gain expertise in developing a Microservices Architecture-based solution. Apply Microservices principles to specific business requirements to build a scalable & performing solution. After completing this training, you will have gained the knowledge
about various Microservices architectural styles, how to select the appropriate architecture design and how Netflix has used Microservices to scale.


Evolution of Microservices

Learning Objectives: In this Module, you will learn how Microservices have evolved over time and
how different is Microservices from SOA. In addition, you will get to know about different architectures and where does Microservices architecture fit.

Pre-Requisites of the Course
  • Java Programming
    Knowledge Spring Framework
    Basic Knowledge on Maven
Microservices Course Topics:
  • Monolithic Architecture Distributed Architecture
  • Service oriented Architecture Microservice and API Ecosystem
  • Microservices in nutshell Point of considerations
  • SOA vs. Microservice Microservice & API
  • Evolution Of MicroServices
  • What are MicroServices
  • A honey Comb Analogy
  • Principles Of MicroServices
  • Characteristics Of Micro Services
  • Monolithic architecture overview
  • Limitation of Monolithic architecture
  • Solution with MicroServices
  • Micro Services relationship with SOA
  • with Twelve-Factor apps
  • MicroServices use cases
  • MicroServices Benefits
  • Designing Service to service Communication
  • Synchronous Stye Communication
  • asynchronous Stye Communication
  • MicroService Per JVM
  • Can microservices share data stores?
  • User interfaces in microservices
  • Microservices challenges
  • The microservices capability model
Microservices Evolution

– A Case Study
– Understanding the NovelHealthCare application

  • Microservices Target Architecture
    Internal layering of microservicesOrchestration of microservices
    Implementing MicroServices With SpringBoot
  • Setting up a development environment
    Best Practices and Common Principles
    NovelHealthCare Project Overview
    Implementing super admin, admin, doctor and patient microservices
  • Controller Components
    Service Components
    Entity/Domain Components
    Repository Components
  • Execusion