Python Programming

  • ID: 2309

Python Programming Introduced to python environments and packages, concept of Object-Oriented Programming, programming for a live environment, debugging, IDEs python basics such as class, objects, functions, conditions, loops/iterators, array, dictionary, lambda, mathematical and statistical operations, NumPy for matrix algebra, exception handling, and file handling. Hands on Exercises Understand how to import data on Python –…

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Generative AI for Executives

  • ID: 2307

Generative AI for Executives Overview of Gen AI Applications of Gen AI ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 Prompt Engineering Hands on ChatGPT Prompts DALL-E , Mid Journey for Image generation Hands on Image generation Prompts Runway for Video Generation Gamma for Presentation Generation Making powerful presentations – Hands on Exercises Using ChatGPT from Excel Infographics Generation…

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Generative AI for Developers

  • ID: 2304

Generative AI for Developers Pre requisite:  Programming skills any language or understanding of Programming.  Having Python programming is big plus. Course Outline Brief overview of Generative AI Open AI Eco system overview Industry applications and recent developments. Evolution of Generative AI – “Attention all you Need” and other relevant developments Prompt engineering and various prompt….

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Design Thinking and Innovation workshop

  • ID: 2302

Design Thinking and Innovation workshop Design Thinking principles Design Thinking methodology Design Thinking – Product creation Design Thinking for Services Innovation in Product creation

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Agile Project Management

  • ID: 2300

Agile Project Management Agile Principles Agile manifesto Various Agile Mythologies SCRUM KANPAN Applying Agile in your work Life

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