Unix / Linux Training in Bangalore

  • ID: 1430

  Unix & Linux Shell Scripting Training iCorporateTraining.com Chennai provides training by experts who has real time working experience of more than 10 years in the Unix and Linux. All of our trainers are premium rated and knows the exact working environment and requirement, has international experience and worked for huge clients like JP Morgan, TCS,…

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Advanced Leadership using NLP

  • ID: 1400

      Leadership is about Influencing and inspiring others.  Using NLP, it is very easy influence people.  When people influenced by you, you need to inspire them if you want them to see you as a leader. To inspire them, you need to be inspired with yourself. NLP provides several techniques to be a…

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NLP for Spiritual Enhancement

  • ID: 1398

    NLP for your Spiritual enhancement NLP for Spiritual enhancement You may be progressing in life, but still not felt successful or happy.  Antony Robbins says “A success without fulfillment is not at all a success.” You may be person who is a CEO of multi million dollar company or person who is regular…

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Account Mining

  • ID: 1016

Best Account Mining Training provider from Chennai iCorporateTrainings.com provides Account Mining and Account Management training across India.  Our Account Mining course is designed to engage participants completely, irrespective their experience or expertise. Our trainers have real time experience working for worlds large organizations and MNCs.  Some are still working in MNC and will be available for training whenever it is scheduled….

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Domain Training in chennai

  • ID: 814

Functional Skill Training We offer the following Domain Specific Training: Manufacturing Total Quality Management Kaizan Business Process Automation Inventory and Stores Accounting and Ledgers Production Human Resources BPO (Non Voice) Payroll Accounting Legal Finance Taxation Banking Retail Cards Retail Loans Fixed Deposits Mortgage, Reverse Mortgage and Mortgage Insurance MISMO standarrds Investment Banking Corporate Banking Insurance…

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