Enterprise Data Vault 2.0

We provide Enterprise Data Vault 2.0. Please see Contents of the course:

  1. Overview
  2. Introduction
  3. Data Modeling Concepts
  4. Relational Modeling
  5. NO SQL
  6. Dimensional Modeling
  7. Introduction to Database Concepts
  8. SQL Concepts
  9. SQL
  10. Big Data
  11. ELT
  12. ETL
  13. Data Vault Basics and architecture
  14. De-normalizations
  15. Flexibility and Granularity
  16. keys
  17. HSL
  18. Bridge Tables
  19. PIT Tables
  20. Reference Table
  21. Information Vault
  22. Data Loading
  23. Big Data and DV 2.0

The entire session will have hands-on for the participants. Even though it is a concept based involving lots of theory), the participants will be made to dirty his hands at every stage to make the session more participative.  The session is available both online as well as classroom trainings.

Please contact for details.