NLP Training ChennaiAnybody can become a leader using NLP


Best Leadership Training using NLP – First time in India is the Best training providers from Chennai.  Our trainers are from real corporate world with Leadership Experience in different position.  Moreover, they are certified Master NLP Practitioner, certified by Dr. Richard Bandler himself, who is the co-founder of NLP.  Our training programs are completely customized to suit agenda.  It is completely engaging the participants and using our methods, certainly any body can be blossomed into a good leaders.

As our trainers have large corporate experience, you can be sure that the our trainers will not be reading from power points and it will be based on some case study or any agenda you choose.

If you are not training with us, you are missing something of god value.

If you want to evaluate the real quality, you can have the same program with some one else in the industry and another session with us with the same set of participants.  You will certainly find the acute difference in terms of:

  • profile of the trainer,
  • course structure and
  • delivery format.

Even if you approach us, we ask you few questions to understand your needs before getting into training since we bother more about the value we provide. Furthermore, we customize our training to suit your needs and not to provide a monotonous training using Generic Power Points.  Till the training starts, we will never try to impress you since we believe in the quality to speak than the marketing people or marketing flyer to speak.

Moreover, most of our training formats are unconventional to make the participants to participate with full heart.

Still not convinced?  Call us to fix an appointment and talk to any of our trainer.

Leadership training

Leadership through NLP training course content and Syllabus

  • Discover and develop your identity as leader
  • Bringing the leader in you
  • Building better Rapport across departments, teams and with customers
  • Understand the mind states
  • Shifting the mind states
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Staying confident even during crisis situation
  • Inspire and Influence those around you
  • Understanding how people think and behave and make decisions
  • Transformation Leadership
  • Leadership and Positive Psychology, Personal Responsibility and understanding your impact
  • Creating values and building ethical leadership behaviors
  • Understand Leadership Styles, discover ways to grow
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills
  • Mentoring others as leader

NLP trainer Profile

Our NLP Trainers

  • Having Real time Leadership Experience
  • Coached lots of Managers & CEO’s
  • Capable of training people at all level
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Engage participants actively

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